WordPress Workshop: Cleaning Up Categories and Tags


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

I am a contributor to a group a WordPress blog that has been updated sporadically over the past 5+ years.  We are making a concerted effort to update the blog and make it a better resource for the group.  One of the things I have been dreading is cleaning up the categories – over the years, many different categories and subcategories had been created and the category list was more than a mess.  Many of the categories would be better as tags.  I did some searching and found a great post on Just Ask Kim about this topic.

Kim recommends the plugin Term Management Tools.

This plugin lets you convert categories into tags, tags into categories and to merge multiple categories into one category.

I installed the plugin and was off an running – there is no setup and it is very easy to use.

The only hiccup was if there was already a tag for the category that I wanted to convert I would select “change taxonomy” and nothing would happen.  For Example – I wanted to change the category “Event Photos” into a tag “Event Photos” but there was already a tag for “Event Photos.”

The work-around that I used to solve this is:

  • to pull up the list of All Posts under the Posts menu.
  • filter for that category (For Example: “Event Photos”) you want to turn into a tag
  • select the all of posts
  • click bulk edit
  • add that tag (so in this example add the tag “Event Photos”) to all of the posts
  • save the bulk edit
  • return to the categories list
  • delete the category “Event Photos”

Looking for more information about editing tags and categories?  Check out this post – Bulk Edit Posts, Categories and Tags on Your WordPress Blog on Zemalf.com.

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