Why You Need a Google+ Page

If you already have a blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account for your website or local business—you are doing well in terms of online communications and social media. But if you want to connect with more people, reach a bigger audience, and enhance your online presence, you also need to sign up for Google+.

You want to be able to reach all possible followers, commenters, and potential customers online so having a presence on multiple social media platforms will only increase your chances and help you reach more people.

The main reason you want to be on Google+ is the recognition and search ability it will provide for your blog or local business. Google+ ties in with Google search and can enhance readership by bridging together search and social media. The direct connection with Google search will help increase your standing on Google over time, helping your page to be at the top or near the top of Google search results.

Another useful feature on Google+ is building your on circles. Circles can help your brand or blog by connecting you with similar people and businesses. You can control who you connect with through the circles, so you can chose firsthand who sees your profile and who doesn’t. Plus, once you form circles, there is a higher chance of cross promotion and link exchanges on Google+.

And lastly, Google isn’t going away anytime soon. Google+ is only going to change, expand, and evolve with time as the search engine giants does, so you may as well board the ship now instead of hopping on later. Creating a social media presence online will only help boost your business or blog, so don’t be shy, start connecting and joining the conversation.

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  • http://www.corkandcracker.com Ashley Lockwood

    I was hoping to get on Google+ earlier rather than later, but the site said that businesses that deal with alcohol can’t create pages now. Does anyone know when that might change?

    • Lindsay

      Ashley – good question. We didn’t know that was an issue. We will see what we can find out about this.