What things do you do every day for your local blog?

To-do list book.

To-do list book. (Photo credit: koalazymonkey)

I’ve been thinking about how I can do a better job of updating this blog and working to build a community of local bloggers.  A few blog posts have caught my eye recently…Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

I agree with some of the points in each of these posts -but what I want to know is what are the things that local bloggers do every day.  Do you read the local paper?  Do you check other blogs for your city or neighborhood?

My daily (or almost daily) list includes:

  • checking my RSS reader (I’m using TheOldReader) to see what the other blogs and the rss feeds for Google alerts I’ve set up have to say.
  • check my “to read” list of Twitter follower
  • look at the inbox for my blog to see if there are any immediate events that should post about

Even if I don’t end up with a blog post – many of the links I come across end up in Facebook posts or Tweets.film xXx: Return of Xander Cage 2017 online

What are your daily to-dos for your local blog?


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