What Independent Hyperlocals Need for the Long Haul

Head on over to Street Fight to read about the growth of hyperlocal sites and what the future may hold for them.

An excerpt from the article:

The decline of print newspapers created a well-documented gap in local news, but this new digital generation of entrepreneurs, many of whom have no professional journalistic experience, are not only closing the gap but reinventing local news in ways that make it richer, more nuanced and more community-connected. Local news is no longer just “information” to be consumed. It can be a pathway to getting things done.

If you’re a hyperlocal blogger, please let us know in the comments why you decided to start blogging and where you hope to go with it in the future. We heart local blogs, so if you’re not already on our blog list, please submit your blog to BlogLocal here, too.

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  • http://survivingoshkosh.blogpost.com Kim Hageman

    I started my blog because most of my friends do not read our local paper, therefore they never know about all the interesting things going on in our small city. They were always asking me “How do you know about these things”, so I decided to start promoting the places I shop at, events I attend, classes I take, places I eat at and things that I just found interesting. Because I have readers outside my local area, I try to encourage everyone to look for similar things where they live. Like a yoga studio, farmers market or indie bookstore.

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