Tumblr Tuesday: Pittsburgh is Beautiful

Welcome to Tumblr Tuesdays, where we feature a Pittsburgh Tumblr every Tuesday. What is a , you ask? Tumblr is a super simple blogging platform where you can quickly post photos, text, videos, and what have you onto your personal page.

This week we’re featuring . “Pittsburgh is Beautiful” finds the everyday charm of the Steel City. Detail oriented, with an eye for engaging art “Pittsburgh is Beautiful” makes you see the city through new eyes.

Founder Alaina Cauchie uses “Pittsburgh is Beautiful” to showcase the daily beauty that goes unnoticed of the city that goes unnoticed by most of us. Her favorite spots to snap photos include antique stores, museums, and cemeteries.

“I started Pittsburgh is Beautiful in June 2011,” explains Cauchie. “I was walking in Lawrenceville and marveling at all of the pockets of prettiness and taking some pictures. I thought, ‘sheesh, why are all the typical 福汇 pictures of Pittsburgh taken from the exact same spot on Mt. Washington? Why doesn’t someone have a website of all the more interesting stuff?’ That led to my BE THE CHANGE moment of revelation and I set up the site that evening.”

“Pittsburgh is Beautiful” also accepts .


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