Tumblr Tricks: Best of Tumblr Lets You Show Off Your Best Posts of The Year

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If you use Tumblr for your blogging platform – this post is for you.  Last winter we discovered this nifty tool called Best of Tumblr.  Best of Tumblr lets you create a post that features your most popular posts by year and month. Perfect for putting together a nice year end summary for your Tumblr blog.

The Best of Tumblr tool grabs all your posts and sorts them by popularity, grouped by year and month.  It can take a few minutes to load everything if you’re a prolific blogger, but the result is a pretty, reverse-calendar of your tumblr.  The most popular post is featured first, with three runner-ups that you can reveal by hovering over them.

Please note: This tool does not show posts that you reblogged, only your own photos.

You can used the advanced options to include your text posts as well.  The advanced option “party mode” adds a disco ball and makes your photos dance.

Here is a screen shot of our top Tumblr posts for 2012 (you can check out the BlogLocal Tumblr blog here).  After the best of Tumblr tool picks out your top posts – you can use the “Post your results” button to share them on your Tumblr blog.

best of tumblr - displays your top tumblr posts by month and year

Best of Tumblr was created by Dylan Hafertepen – you can check out his website here.

If you like “Best of Tumblr” you might want to check out the Tumblr Stats tool.

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