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Tasha Does Tulsa– Community

Tulsa Skyline

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Tasha decided to start blogging about Tulsa after she moved into the heart of the city and discovered her own renewed love of her hometown. Her blog informs readers on all different kinds of things they may want to know about Tulsa, from what to do this weekend to the best place to take kids on a Sunday for a family day out.

Tulsa Food – Food

Tulsa Food is written by Tulsa residents who love eating and sharing their thoughts on the Tulsa restaurant scene. If you’re a resident and want to submit your thoughts on a new restaurant or local hangout, Tulsa Food is the place to visit.

BatesLine – Community, Politics

Michael Bates is a blogger who covers local politics and community news and concerns on his blog, BatesLine. Voted Best Blogger in Tulsa in 2007 and 2008, BatesLine is Tulsa’s voice online when it comes to local politics and news.

Real Food Tulsa  — Food

Real Food Tulsa is all about getting back to the roots of our foods, literally, and experiencing them raw and in their most natural form. Penni is a program director at Raw Food Rehab so she definitely knows what she’s talking about in her videos, blog posts, and recipes she shares.

Tulsa Gentleman – Photography    

Tulsa Gentleman is a daily Tulsa photography blog written by Bill Miller, a retired computer analyst living in Tulsa. He posts a picture a day of the city he loves.

Blogging Basics 101 – Tech

Melanie Nelson is a blogger who writes about blogging, technology, and social media. She has her own social media consulting business and on her blog, you can find information on the latest news in social media and blogging.

Fiddlepit – Humor, Personal

Fiddlepit is a personal blog written by Lauren McKinney, a native of Tulsa who moved back to her hometown after a few years in Dallas. McKinney’s writing is hysterical and her sense of humor shines through in her posts about her family, life, and her past, all of which she has no problem making fun of.

The Tulsa Initiative Blog – Education, Community

The Tulsa Initiative Blog is the Tulsa Initiative’s home on the web, the Tulsa Initiative’s goal is to provide enrichment services and programs to low-income children and families in Tulsa. The blog provides information on the latest statistics, programs, and policies that are happening for those children less fortunate in Tulsa.

The French Bouquet – Local Business, Wedding

The French Bouquet is a local wedding and event florist in Tulsa that shares recent pictures and inspiration on their blog. The bouquets are gorgeous and if you’re a recently engaged Tulsa lady, this might be the florist you want to pick!

Tulsa Gal — History

Tulsa Gal is a blog all about Tulsa’s history written by a third-genereation Tulsan and volunteer at the Tulsa Historical Society. On Tulsa Gal, there is information about famous Tulsans of the past, pictures of old buildings and architecture, and history lessons and stories all about Tulsa.

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