Our Top 12 Posts from 2012

New Year 2012 (Photo credit: Matti Mattila)

Inspired by the we blogged about a few weeks ago – we were wondering which posts were most popular in 2012.  We tested some of the most popular post WordPress plugins – but none of the plugins are able to look at past visits.  So we took a look at our Google Analytics to see which posts were the most popular.

This was actually a really fun way to review the past year in post.  We are pleased with the mix of popular posts – everything from top 10 lists (yep, we like lists) to blogger profiles. 嘉盛外汇  One of the highlights of last year was having our post retweeted by the folks of Urbanspoon and the top post was picked up by .  Our post about just missed the #12 spot by a couple of visits.

Have you put together a best of 2012 post for your blog?  Any surprises?  


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