Blogging The Parking Habits of Pittsburghers – Yinz Can’t Park

I came across this blog on Tumblr this morning and I wanted to share because it is local and it is pretty funny.

Yinz Can’t Park is a Tumblr blog that shares photos of the not so great parking skills of Pittsburghers and adds some colorful commentary on each photo.

One of my favorite captions is this one (which is a little sad because the guy needed to be towed) but the commentary is pretty funny.

“This jag was trying a bit too hard to get to the Border!”

Photo from the blog Yinz Can't Park

Photo from the blog Yinz Can’t Park

Yinz Can’t Park welcomes submissions from others as well – even those who can’t park in other states – read more here.  Yinz Can’t Park also has put together some funny t-shirts, which are available from the Yinz Can’t Park Spreadshirt Shop.


If you aren’t from Pittsburgh here is a little guide to terminology from Wikipedia:

  • Yinz is the most recent derivation from the original Scots-Irish form you ones, which is probably the result of contact between Irish and English.
  • Jagoff or jag-off is an American derogatory slang term from Pittsburgh English meaning a person who is stupid or inept
English: Pittsburgh residents reserve street p...

English: Pittsburgh residents reserve street parking places they’ve cleared out using furniture or other objects. These two chairs mark a street space in Squirrel Hill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pittsburghers have a long tradition of taking parking seriously – especially in the snowy months.  In many city neighborhoods, once a space has been shoveled out it is reserved with a parking chair.  From Wikipedia:

parking chair is a chair that is used by a vehicle owner to informally mark a parking space as reserved for oneself. Other items are also used for this purpose, including trash cansladdersironing boards, and other similar-sized objects that are commonly found in households. For curbside parking spaces, two or more items are normally used.[1]

You can follow Yinz Can’t Park on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter @YinzCantPark

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