TGIF: Suburban Wino

Suburban Wino is written by Joe Herrig, a self-proclaimed wine nerd living in the suburbs who started blogging to put his journalism degree to good use and to fill the void of fine food and wine in the ‘burbs. Herrig is a Certified Specialist of Wine and has his credential from the Society of Wine Educators, so he knows a lot about wine.  And he wants to let others know great wine doesn’t have to be super expensive and exclusive, it can be right there alongside your cooler of beer at your next tailgate party.

On Suburban Wino you’ll find funny posts about life and entertainment, but you won’t find your normal wine blog reviews. Herrig likes free wine sure (who doesn’t), but thinks wine reviews aren’t that great so he decided to steer clear on his blog. He’ll offer wine tips like buying wines from the same region of food you’re cooking, or talk about what he’s currently drinking, but won’t discuss the fruity aromas of a bottle of red. Suburban Wino isn’t your average wine blog, it’s like a wine and humor blog mixed together and like fine wine—it gets better with time.

Check out Suburban Wino on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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  • Joe Herrig

    Very flattering, thank you! I’ll even give you a pass on the superfluous “n” in my last name 🙂 (don’t feel bad; it happens often)

    • Molly

      Joe–I am so sorry!! I am so anti-typo and getting names wrong is the worst. It has been fixed. Keep up the great work on your blog!

      Sorry again!

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