Social media change up– Video on Instagram; hashtags, photo comments on Facebook

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Social media sites had quite a shake up this week. With Facebook and Instragram adopting features from other popular sites, like Twitter and Vine, check out these resources to figure out the best way to use these updates.

Instagram now has 15-second videos, complete with filters
Looking to compete with the unique content a 6-second Vine can provide, Instagram released an update today that allows users to shoot short-form videos. They’ve included 13 video-specific filters, plus a much longer video time than Vine. TechCrunch did a great in-depth review and comparison of both servies and came up with this handy chart to help you compare the differences and pick one that’s best for you:

TechCrunch compares Instagram's new video service with Vine

TechCrunch compared Instagram’s new video service with Vine.

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Hashtags have finally come to Facebook
Although it hasn’t stopped people from using them before, Facebook finally started using functional, clickable hashtags. Similar to Twitter, users can tag their posts with a pound sign and any word or words, then click on the tag to see what others are posting with that word or phrase. Facebook calls it a public conversation and avoids the use of the word hashtag, probably to separate it from Twitter.

Clickable hashtags are here for Facebook!

Clickable hashtags are here for Facebook!

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Photo Comments on Facebook
Instead of linking to already hosted pictures, Facebook users can now directly upload their own photos to comments. Brands can leverage this when asking Facebook fans for recommendations or advice– fans can now attach a photo directly to their comments without uploading it first elsewhere and submitting the link.

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