Sloane Crosley’s Love Letter to San Francisco

I think I first learned of Sloane Crosley from an article on NPR in the past few years.  I  was drawn to the title of her book – “I Was Told There Would be Cake” probably because well who doesn’t like cake.  I liked the NPR interview enough to pick up her book, and even thought it wasn’t about cake (and I admire the choice of what looks to be the mattress I had in college for the book cover), I read the entire thing and I have been following her on Facebook ever since.

I have a thing for love letters to cities – I have been writing one to Pittsburgh for the past 7 years over at  I have befriended lovers of other cities – Jeff & Randy Vines who run STL-Style in St. Louis and I have built a friendship on loving cities.  A big part of why I wanted to build BlogLocal was to create a map of all of the blogs love letters (and sometimes hate mail) to cities around the country so they they could  be easier to find and share.

So I was more than happy to find a love letter to San Francisco from that Sloane Crosley posted her Facebook page today.  Last week she wrote an article for Newsweek about her first visit to San Francisco and how she came to fall in love with a California city (and its food).  You can read the entire article here or by clicking the image below.

Is there a book, blog or article that shares love of your hometown?

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