Simplify Your Business’ Shared Twitter Account with GroupTweet

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Image via CrunchBase

There is a great new tool that can help members of small businesses all manage and contribute to one business account. It’s and it does exactly that, allowing for “multiple contributors, one twitter account.” Using it is very simple. Basically GroupTweet links all of the handles of a small business or group to the one, singular business handle. You can either tweet directly from the home page at by logging into it. Or you can tweet from your own personal handle (if you have been added as a contributor), by simply tagging the business handle at the end of any tweet you would like to appear in that handle’s feed. Doing this will create two tweets. One coming from the business handle which will include the tagline “via @whoever tweeted this” and the other simply from your own personal handle. It’s pretty simple to use, and there are a ton of features to explore there. It’s great for small businesses trying to create a web/social media presence with multiple active members and really simplifies the process of getting tweets out under one name.

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