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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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Salt Lake Denizen – Community

Lauren and Nikki are realtors and Salt Lake City residents who decided to start a blog after they found themselves taking pictures of the great places around their city. On Salt Lake Denizen, you’ll find information about events and happenings, great pictures, and information on local businesses and places.

Two Peas and Their Pod –Cooking

Husband and wife team, Maria and Josh, who are Salt Lake City residents and prolific home cooks run the cooking blog, Two Peas and Their Pod. On their blog, you will find mouth-watering food photography and recipes that look so delicious you’ll be inspired to cook it tonight!

Dooce – Life, Personal

Heather Armstrong is a mother, wife, professional blogger, and author of two books, “It Sucked And Then I Cried,” and “Things I Learned About My Dad In Therapy.” Armstrong started her blog back in 2001 as a way to chronicle her life as a single woman and former Mormon, and it has grown enormously since then. She is now a professional blogger who writes about her family and life in Salt Lake City.

Gastronomic Salt Lake City – Dining and Restaurant Reviews

Gastronomic Salt Lake City is run by Stuart, a lover of food and all things culinary who decided to take his foodie knowledge and put it on the Internet. You will find restaurant reviews, news and information about food events and new restaurants in Salt Lake City, and a dining forum where the community can discuss foodie events, places, and things.

Nie Nie Dialogues – Family, Parenting

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson runs the Nie Nie Dialogues, her little spot on the Internet where she shares pictures and stories about her daily life with her kids, husband, and her faith. After being badly burned in an airplane crash, Nielson proves that life goes on even when things don’t go as planned.

My Salt Lake Blog – Community

A blog written by local contributors about events going on, places to visit, and things to see in Salt Lake City.

Crap I’ve Made – Arts & Crafts

On Crap I’ve Made, you can find tons of great DIY, sewing, and craft ideas complete with tutorials. Char is a stay-at-home mother of four who somehow finds the time to keep her site regularly updated with great crafty projects!

Utah Stories – Community, Personal

Utah Stories is the place to go to hear personal stories and anecdotes from Utah residents. Utah Stories believes in the power of the individual and protecting local businesses and people, by telling their stories that they might not have otherwise been able to tell.

Block U – Sports

A blog all about the University of Utah football team, Block U is the place for Utes fans to come together discuss recent news and games, and share their love of their favorite team.

Salt Cycle – Cycling

Salt Cycle is a blog and online community for bikers, people who love bikes, and people who want to see change in urban cycling. Read Salt Cycle for all the latest biking news, information, and events in Salt Lake City.

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  • Sara

    Thanks for this post! I’m hoping to relocate to Salt Lake City in a few months, and it’s helpful to see such a great compilation of the local community.

    • phyllis smith

      i am moving there also. i am a senior .female. what do u think about the crazy weather there?

      • jimbo

        It’s the pollution that will kill you. For weeks on end we are trapped in smog. Kiss off all of January for sure cause it’s so bad that they had compared it to the same as smoking 2 packs of smokes a day plus you won’t hardly see the sun for sometimes for 6 weeks while we choke for fresh air…worst in the nation!!!

  • Marian Simmons

    I know this is an old post but I assume people still peruse it, and wanted to add my own growing blog for consideration for things to see and do, and some of the more unique sites of Salt Lake and surrounding areas :

  • jimbo

    Rant… this town is run by mormons on capital hill (shady repub.) Energy solutions who solve all our “big money” lobbyists that need to further their political careers. WORST OF ALL IS THE POLICE EVERY CORNER.(I think we are over-policed) they call it “revenue enhancement” it costs a lot to pay my auto insurance. Come on SAT give us a break!!! I am a concerned CDL driver that is bent!!!!

  • Smtchic

    Can someone recommend a local blog designer who is willing to do some training/hand holding?

    • Brett Thayer

      I can because that is part of what I do for a living. ThatWorks! Design is a small, local internet developer, that can help build your website or blog and offers affordable training for businesses and individuals who need assistance in running or maintaining their own sites.

  • Elevated Rank

    Bookmarking this page..thanks for the great info. It would be great if you can add my site as well…thanks!