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Roller Derby isn’t for everyone. It’s a contact sport where you can end up with bruised legs, broken ankles, and bloody cuts and wounds.

The competitive team sport is played on an oval track, and each game is won by “the jammer” whose goal is to lap the other team’s members and score points each time she does so. The physical element comes into play here as both teams are defending their jammer and aren’t afraid to hit a few people in the process.

Roller Derby isn’t exclusive to women, but it has become mostly a women’s sport with over 1,000 leagues for women in 36 countries. Curious to learn more about roller derby and the women that aren’t afraid to lace up their skates and get a little rough? Check out these three personal derby girls blogs and three team blogs.

Roller Derby Diva

Lauren Bishop joined the Cincinnati Roller Girls in 2006 after reading about the all-girl roller derby leagues that were popping up around the country. Under her derby name “Miss Print,” Bishop has skated and competed for the past five years.

Reckless Housewife

Reckless is a housewife from Texas with three kids, a loving husband, and a roller derby obsession. Her blog gives you a sneak peek into her life as she juggles the responsibilities of being a full-time Mom and a derby girl.

Derby Girl

Mona Mour started her career in roller derby in 2007 with the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls in Bloomington, Indiana and now is a team member of the Boston Derby Dames. In addition to skating, Mour is a writer with a young adult novel set to be released in October 2012.

Gotham Girls Roller Derby

The New York base for all-female, independent derby leagues, the Gotham Girls Roller Derby has six different teams that are all about serious competition and the promotion of strong, independent female athletes.

Steel City Derby Demons

Pittsburgh’s own Steel City Derby Demons has three different teams in their skater-owned league. Since 2005, the Steel City Derby Demons have been highlighting the strength of their all-female competitors and punk rock flavor.

Boston Derby Dames

Boston’s only all-women and skater-owned derby league, the Boston Derby Dames have been skating since 2005. With four different teams in the league (three home teams, and one travel team), the roller derby scene in Boston is becoming more popular, so if you’re in the area and interested, go check out a bout at Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington.

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