Meeting Your Online Friends Offline & List of Bloggers Who Attended Podcamp Pgh 8

Photo Credit: amberlysara

Photo Credit: @amberlysara

This morning I attended PodCamp Pittsburgh which was held at Point Park University in Downtown Pittsburgh.  This was the 8th annual Podcamp Pittsburgh and I’ve been lucky enough to attend almost every year.trailer movie Logan

I attended the first Podcamp Pittsburgh right around the time that I started blogging about Pittsburgh.  And this was back in the days before Twitter and Facebook pages.  It wasn’t as easy to meet and connect with other bloggers.  Podcamp was one of the first times I was able to see the power of how blogging can build relationships.

I wanted to provide a listing of the bloggers and their Twitter handles of who attended Podcamp Pittsburgh today (and I will work to get all of these added to the BlogLocal directory ASAP).  Please let me know if I missed anyone by leaving a note with a link to the blog in the comments.

The Beauty Shoppe @aolivex
BigBig Design @BigBigDesign @CynthiaCloskey
Beg Borrow or Share @BegBorrowShare
Boss Jock  @BossJockApp
DanielleNicol @onedamnthing
Elsie’s Yoga Kula @YoGeek
Emily Levenson @EmilyLevenson
FranklinChen @FranklinChen
Gwenix @gwenix
Jim Dolanch @JimDolanchTeam
KatieVojtko @KatioVojtko
Nonprofit Resource Memo @NonprofResMemo
NormanHuelsman @MrDirby
Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents @PghLesbian24
Red Pen Mama @RedPenMama
Shawn Graham @ShawnGraham
Sorgatron @Sorgatron @tcwaters
Try It and You May! @epagelhogan
Wear.Wag.Repeat. @TMistick
Will Reynolds Young @@WReynoldsYoung
Yinz Can’t Park @YinzCantPark


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  • Melissa

    Another fabulous day of Podcamp! What an awesome day. Wish I had a chance to meet you! Feel free to add me to the list. @thefirmangroup

  • Michele

    Thanks for including me and Nonprofit Resource Memo in your post. Today, I was only able to attend the keynote and 2 morning sessions and still walked away with pages of new platforms/apps, action steps and quotes.

  • red_pen_mama

    My Twitter is @redpenmamapgh, not redpenmama. Thank you for including me! 🙂 It was a great afternoon and evening.

  • William R. Reynolds Young

    Thanks for including me in this list and thank you for putting to together.

    There are so many people and ideas flying around at Podcamp it’s impossible to capture them all!

    I had the first session of the day Small Business Social Media Toolkit you can watch here:

    Nice to meet everyone and hope to see you around and at PghTweetup!

  • Shawn

    Thanks for pulling this list together and for including me. It was definitely great having a chance to talk shop with other bloggers, social media folks, and hobbyists.