Pinterest: How Bloggers Can Benefit

Pinterest, stereotypically known as a resource for moms, recipes, and holiday crafts, is definitely a site worth using for blogs. It is quickly becoming one of fastest growing and most popular social media sites out there (especially since we last it). Using it is easy and takes little time, but can give so much awareness to your blog.

The site brings a large amount of traffic back if you share images that link to your own posts. If someone comes across one of your images, they will be directed to your blog with one click. You can use different boards on your own account and even create ones outside the main topics of your FXCM blog. Promoting your blog can be done by having contests that run on Pinterest: followers can re-pin or submit new pins to an existing board and there can be a voting type opportunity. You can also use Pins to gain opinions from followers by seeing what pins get the most likes and repins or comments.

The research component is a valuable one. You can find more members of your audience by seeing who repins/likes/comments on your pins. The hashtag component is helpful for seeing what is trending and popular regarding a certain topic. By using “”, you can see what has been pinned from your blog.

Networking can be done via Pinterest to build relationships with already established bloggers utilizing the site. You can also have guest pinners contribute to your account on a weekly or monthly basis. By using the “@” symbol, you can mention another Pinterest account when adding pins to your boards.

Other than promotion, Pinterest can also be used for blogging inspiration. Search keywords to find pins, boards, and pinners posting about a specific topic you are writing about. A board can be started to save ideas for future posts and to look back on when brainstorming.

If you are using all other sources of social media to promote your blog, Pinterest is a great one to think about adding to the mix!

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