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Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

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Valley of the Suns – Sports

Valley of the Suns has been up and running since 2008 and giving Phoenix Suns fans news and more on the current basketball season, team roster and schedule, game analysis, and NBA news.

CenPho — Community features the latest events, news, restaurant openings, and happenings in Central Phoenix. Cen Pho sheds light on the ultra-local life in Phoenix.

Phoenix is Haute  — Fashion

Courtney McEntire is a blogger, jewelry maker, and stylist living in Phoenix and sharing her world on her blog, Phoenix is Haute. Phoenix is Haute is Courtney’s pursuit of all things stylish in her hometown of Phoenix.

Beer PHXation — Beer

Beer PHXation is a contributor-based beer blog that features local news about the Phoenix beer culture, breweries, bars, interviews, and reviews.

Paris Envy – Home, Décor

Paris Envy is the blog for the Paris Envy boutique in Phoenix, a home furnishings store that offers vintage and handcrafted home décor, jewelry, and accessories. On the Paris Envy blog, you’ll find updates on the store, personal tidbits from the owners, and new items available.

PHX Rail Food – Food, Restaurant Reviews

PHX Rail Food is one man’s journey and food reviews on the rail line between Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe and the restaurants he’s visited along the way. Restaurants are sorted by station, city, and food on PHX Rail Food so if one sparks your interest and you’re a local, hop on the line and get some food.

Silver Platter – Music

Silver Platter is a website that has all the latest concert listings in Metro Phoenix and the Silver Platter blog is the voice of the website. Music news, reviews, previews, and more from Phoenix can be found on Silver Platter’s blog.

Frances & Smeeks – Local Business, Fashion

Frances & Smeeks is the blog for two local stores in downtown Phoenix, Frances is a modern boutique with vintage charm and Smeeks a is a sweet shop filled to the brim with deliciously sweet treats.  Georgeanne Bryant owns both stores on Camelback Road and on her blog she features the new products, stuff she loves, and creative ideas.

Diary of a Crafty Chica – Arts & Crafts

Artist and author, Kathy Cano-Murillo has been making handmade Chicano pop art since 1990 and selling it to hundreds of retailers, including Target and Hallmark. In 2001, she started her blog and a conversation about crafting and continues to share her experiences in glitter, life, and crafting daily on Diary of a Crafty Chica.

Tea Talk – Fashion

Tea Talk is written by Chelsea, a 23-year-old student that posts her daily outfits, food stops and photographs, and daily adventures on her blog. Chelsea’s relaxed and chic style will have you piling on layers and scarves in no time!

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