Orlando in 10 Local Blogs

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Ultimate Orlando – Entertainment, Reviews

At Ultimate Orlando, you will find the inner thoughts and critiques of Kevin Yee, a Disney critic who writes about all the different entertainment sites in the area.

Analog Artist Digital World – Art, Community

Thomas Thorspecken, better known as Thor, is a very talented illustrator and journalist who uses art to show what’s going on in Orlando and what he’s doing by drawing a daily sketch. His sketches are colorful and appealing to the eye, and the writing that goes along with them is always done well and give you a look into what’s happening in Orlando.

The Daily City – Local Community

The Daily City gives readers updates on all the latest events in the area, volunteer projects, and local and creative news. The site also has a handy calendar listing upcoming Orlando events and has all the information you could need on food trucks in their Food Truck Guide.

Orlando Music News – Music

The title says it all–on this blog you can find the latest music news in Orlando from concert listings, to artists and bands of the week, to the latest tracks that are worth giving a listen to.

Work Your Closet – Fashion

Jamie’s blog “Work Your Closet” is where she posts snippets of her life and shows readers how-to dress like their favorite celebrities and fashionistas. Jamie posts fashion pictures that inspire her, and then shows readers her own take on the look and where she bought it.

Culture Climax – Community, Culture

Culture Climax provides a wealth of information to Central Floridians about the current lifestyle and culture happenings in their state. Culture Climax also highlights the local scene by updating their events calendar regularly and writing about local businesses and activities.

Honest Fare – Cooking

Honest Fare is all about delicious recipes, beautiful presentation, and outstanding food photography. Gabi, who runs the blog, explains that food can look as good as it tastes, without being fancy and stuffy. Another great aspect of Gabi’s blog is the design, which is simple but nice to look at and easy to navigate.

Meals and Miles — Fitness 

Meghann started Meals and Miles as a way to show people how to be active and healthy, even if they’re sitting at desk from 9 to 5 everyday. She became a fan of the blogging community when she was trying to lose weight and decided to start her own blog to share with others her routine: eating good, running a lot, and living well.

Tasty Chomps – Dining, Restaurants

For all the Orlando foodies out there looking for a place to eat tonight, check out Tasty Chomps where you can read reviews of restaurants and find the latest deals and specials in town.

Lori Barbely Wedding Photography – Weddings, Photography

Lori Barbely is a photographer who specializes in weddings, but over the years she has shot editorials, travel photos, and more. Her blog updates clients and fans on her latest work and where you can find her stuff in print. Take a look if you’re looking for wedding inspiration or need a photographer for your own big day

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