Most Popular Coffee Blogs on BlogLocal

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1. The Coffee Experiment

The Coffee Experiment is a blog run by Elizabeth, a New Yorker with a penchant for traveling the world and trying different coffees along the way. Her love of coffee stems from the way it brings people together, the way it starts a conversation or preserves a blissful moment drinking the most perfect cappuccino you’ve ever tasted. Through her blog, Elizabeth aims to show readers how coffee connects people and their cultures.

2. Arizona Coffee

Arizona Coffee is a local blog dedicated to spreading the word about independent coffee shops and finding the best places to get a cup in Arizona. Chris Tingom started the site in 2005, and since then it’s turned into one of the most visited and credible places to learn about coffee on the Internet.

3. Portland Roasting

Portland Roasting is a coffee retailer based in Portland, Oregon that specializes in making different roasted blends, organic coffees, espressos, and more.  You can buy their coffee straight from the website, choosing between espressos and your favorite types of java. If you’re not sure of what exactly it is you’re looking for, don’t worry. The website provides great detailed flavor profiles for each brew up for sale.

4. Greenwell Farms

Greenwell Farms blog updates readers on awards it has recently won, what’s happening on the farm, contests they’re currently having for customers, and their latest brews available to the public.

5. is more than just your average coffee blog, they write about coffee trends, rumors, and events in a place that welcomes coffee professionals, baristas, coffee lovers, and people new to the world of coffee. The site was started in 2009 by two friends, Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman, and is meant to be a place to discuss international coffee culture and news in a fun, relaxing online community.

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