Monday Perk-Me-Up: The Coffee Experiment

The Coffee Experiment is a blog run by Elizabeth, a New Yorker with a penchant for traveling the world and trying different coffees along the way. Her love of coffee stems from the way it brings people together, the way it starts a conversation or preserves a blissful moment drinking the most perfect cappuccino you’ve ever tasted. Through her blog, Elizabeth aims to show readers how coffee connects people and their cultures.

In her own words, “For many, coffee is a way of life — a ritual, if you will — that expresses more than a necessary caffeine fix in the morning. For me, this ritual is sacred. We listen to wine aficionados and read about restaurants that foodies love, but what about those of us who are serious about our coffee? What about those who take time to enjoy, to connect, and to experience the pleasures that coffee has to offer? The Coffee Experiment is for you.”

Elizabeth’s writing style compliments her beautiful pictures; she brings readers along with her on her travels through her eloquent writing about the landscapes, flavors, and people she encounters along the way.

Image via The Coffee Experiment

A definite coffee aficionado, Elizabeth drinks a lot of coffee and blogs about it, but she’s knowledgeable about it, too. She knows about the different ways to brew coffee, whether that is using a pour-over, high-tech machinery, or a siphon and recognizes the finesse that goes into making that perfect cup. You can read all about different flavors, ways to brew coffee, and coffee jargon on her blog under the Coffee 101 tab.

The Coffee Experiment takes you from New York City to Lisbon to Miami and more, and throughout all of the trips and posts, Elizabeth’s fervor for coffee and traveling is clear as can be.

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