Monday Perk-Me-Up: Greenwell Farms Coffee

Greenwell Farms in Kona, Hawaii hasn’t just been growing and brewing up coffee for the past ten years. Greenwell Farms beginnings started in the 1800’s when Henry Greenwell left England for fertile Hawaii and began planting, harvesting, and perfecting his own Kona Coffee. The coffee was and still is exported to countries around the world.

Today, Greenwell Farms isn’t just a place they make fresh coffee. It is located in the heart of the Kona Coffee region and features a roasting plant, pulping and drying facilities, and even has its own farm tour. From growing until it gets into your favorite mug for your morning coffee, Greenwell Farms has been carefully making your coffee the best it can be.

Greenwell Farms blog updates readers on awards it has recently won, what’s happening on the farm, contests they’re currently having for customers, and their latest brews available to the public.

Another notable thing about Greenwell Farms is the location. Close to Greenwell Farms in Kealakekua stands the White Obelisk Monument that marks the spot where Captain James Cook died on February 14, 1779. The place the obelisk rests on and surrounding few feet around it, although located in Hawaii, is actually part of the United Kingdom. Interesting and located close to Greenwell Farms, travelers who come to see the monument can relax with a cup of coffee after reaching their destination.

Be sure to check it out if you’re around the area of Greenwell Farms. Go to Greenwell Farms Kona Coffee blog here.

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