Monday Perk-Me-Up: Daily Shot of Coffee



On Daily Shot of Coffee, you can find coffee and cafe reviews and all the latest news you’d want to read about coffee. Mike Crimmins launched his blog in March 2009, admitting to readers and coffee aficianados on his blog that he’s an average Joe when it comes to coffee. He’s been a coffee lover since high school, and admits to drinking on average a half a pot to a pot of the stuff a day.

While Crimmins love freshly ground coffee made from whole beans, he’ll still stop for a cup at a gas station or Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. No coffee elitism allowed on Daily Shot of Coffee, please. The blog is a place to read about everyone’s favorite morning beverage and get recommendations on others great beans to try and places to visit, not bash coffee retailers and shops.

The blog features video and written posts, recipes that use coffee in them, and all the information you could want for the day on coffee. The regularly updated site is definitely worth a visit for all you coffee lovers out there!

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