Monday Perk-Me-Up: Daily Demitasse

Daily Demitasse is a no-nonsense coffee blog written by a barista for coffee connoisseurs, people in the industry, and coffee enthusiasts. Jennifer Vaaler is a free-lance writer and barista who has a passion for coffee and writing about it. Based in Cary, North Carolina, Vaaler has also written for Coffee Talk and managed a start-up coffee bar. Her passion for high quality coffee is apparent on her blog where she interviews other coffee professionals, tips on where to find the best coffee, and answers your coffee questions.

Her mission on Daily Demitasse is “to educate coffee enthusiasts, getting to the heart and soul of the bean, culture and community within the industry.” Vaaler also has a page dedicated to the North Carolina coffee community where she posts interviews with locals and community coffee news.

Check out Daily Demitasse on Twitter here and Facebook here.

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  • Jennifer

    Thanks for including me, I really appreciate it. Love your site.

    • Molly

      You’re welcome, Jennifer! Keep up the great work on your blog.