Monday Perk-Me-Up: Coffee Cup News

“Coffee is the excuse, good conversation with great friends is the reason. Join the conversation!”

Coffee Cup News is a coffee blog that has coffee news, industry information, how-to’s, and video and written reviews. The blog is inspired by one man’s goal to taste and review every coffee in the world and give readers tips on which coffee they should choose next time they buy a cup or make one at home.

Jason Coffee lives in Kansas City and is the caffeine lover and man behind the videos on Coffee Cup News. The videos are entertaining and informative, and Jason Coffee reviews as he tastes and rates the coffees on a scale from 1 to 100. If you’re looking to try a new brand before you shell out the cash, check out Jason Coffee’s reviews here. Or watch his review of A Cup of Faith coffee below.

Visit the Coffee Cup News here, the Twitter here, and Facebook here.

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