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Our Uptown – Community

Our Uptown is a community site that gives residents and visitors news about businesses in the area, history, real estate offerings, and things happening in Minneapolis.

Fresh Tart – Food and Cooking  

Stephanie Meyer runs Fresh Tart a site all about fresh and fantastic food and recipes. On Fresh Tart, you’ll find great food photography and Stephanie’s philosophy on eating fresh and good for you foods.

Marketing Mama – Parenting, Business

Missy is a mother to two and marketing professional, she is a professional at juggling both things in her life and finding the time to blog about it! On Marketing Mama, Missy shares updates from her daily life, parenting tips, and when she gets the chance, info about her job in marketing.

Glimpses of Soul — Photography

Mandy is a photographer in the Minneapolis area who specializes in newborn, child, and family photography. Her blog, Glimpses of Soul, features shots from her latest photo-shoots that are too cute to even try to explain. If you’re in the area and need a photographer for your kids—Mandy is the one!

Upside my Head (Pay Attention Now) — Personal

Ann Freeman runs the blog Upside My Head (Pay Attention Now) where she speaks out on issues like race, age, sex, and politics. Freeman’s blog offers an insight into what she’s thinking, and puts a personal spin on current events so they are both interesting and relevant.

Seth Speaks — Sports

Seth Stohs is a father and avid sports fan that runs Seth Speaks, a blog all about the Minneapolis Twins. You’ll find in-depth team analysis, statistics, and predictions on the Twins season or upcoming one on Seth Speaks.

MFR – Music

MFR is a music blog that promotes concerts and shows in the Minneapolis area and posts info and songs by local musicians and bands they support.

Overheard in Minneapolis – Humor

Overhead in Minneapolis a blog where people submit funny and random conversations they’ve overheard while out and about in Minneapolis. If you’re a resident, scroll through the blog and see if one of your conversations has been overheard.

Communications Conversations – Communications, Business

Arik Hanson is a communications professional and principal of ACH Communications, where he helps businesses online presence and drives them towards having a larger social media influence. His blog, Communication Conversations, is updated regularly on topics ranging from workplace behavior to 5 reasons why the MN blogging community rocks.

Ride Boldly – Cycling

Ride Boldly is a blog all about Minnesota bikes, bicycling, and road safety. Julie Kosab runs the blog and keeps an updated calendar on MN bike events, info on bike safety, and all the latest cycling news in MN.

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  • Christopher Lee

    Thanks for this! Got this off of reddit! 😀

  • Paul

    Another redditor here. Love this, added them all* to my RSS reader.

    *not quite all, Seth Speaks was not added since I’m not a sports fan.

  • Ann Freeman

    Thanks so much for including my blog in this roundup. I discovered it by the visitors to my blog that came from this post. I’ve been in a bit of a blogging lag and am inspired to get going again. Ann