Medora – A Village in Illinois and a (Local) Documentary

One of the few books that I have read this year was My Heart is An Idiot by Davy Rothbart.  Rothbart is the editor of Found Magazine and a contributor to this American Life (who interviewed Pittsburgh’s favorite neighbor, Mr. Rogers, for the show).  Last fall he started his book tour here in Pittsburgh, his publicist sent over some tickets for me to giveaway on my blog.  I picked up a copy of his book for my sister as a birthday gift.  She read the book and passed it back to me to read.

29 Palms Inn, August 2011

29 Palms Inn, August 2011

Many of the essays in the book are about places, and I enjoyed reading about Rothbart’s experiences, well really adventures in places like Buffalo, NY, Ann Arbor, MI, and 29 Palms, CA.  Years ago, I had read an article about the 29 Palms Inn and when I helped a friend drive back to Pittsburgh from San Diego last year – I insisted that we drive, sort of out of our way, just to see the 29 Palms Inn.  I enjoyed this book and Rothbart’s stories about people and places.  He was even kind enough to reply to my tweet asking for an update on one of the stories in the book.

Rothbart’s newest project is a documentary film, titled Medora, about the high school basketball team from Medora, Illinois.  According to Wikipedia, Medora has a population of 501 as of 2000 census.  I’m eager to see the film and learn more of the story about Medora, Illinois.

Medora will be screening in Pittsburgh, PA on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at the Hollywood Theater and in cities across the US during the month of November.  A complete list of screenings is available here.

What other documentary films have you seen about a specific place?

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