Make a Map of the States You Have Visited

There is something about “local” that makes me think of maps.  And we’ve been sharing lots of map related things over on .

My friend Malcolm shared a great photo on Facebook today of a map of the states he has visited.  Malcolm works for the and 二元期权平台 spends a lot of time traveling by train – if you like trains or beautiful scenery be sure to follow him on Twitter . 

The Visited States Map Generator

While this tool is probably more useful for a travel blogger than a local blogger, it is still worth sharing.

You can make your own map of the states you’ve visited .  The Visited States Map Generator was created by Jeremy Nixon who writes about photography and travel on the blog .

You fill out a form and click create.  The Visited States Map Generator will produce a color coded map of the states you have visited across the US and Canada.

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