Local Photo: This is Fineview

I’ve been building a list of posts that I want to write for the month of November, I was thinking about the different ways that blogs can be local.  Sometimes a picture says it all.

Today I joined the Urban Hike group to take a hike through the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Fineview.  Each month from April through November, the volunteers who organize Urban Hike plan a walk though a different neighborhood or borough around the Pittsburgh area.  Today was a perfect day for a hike and this one started with what seemed like a never ending set of steps.  But, the climb was worth the view.

photo 2

This neighborhood was originally called Nunnery Hill but was eventually renamed Fineview because is offers some of the most expansive views of the city.

You can learn more about Urban Hike and see photos from past hikes at urbanhike.com.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Weaver

Is there a photo that you think best represents your neighborhood or city?  Please share a link in the comments.

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  • http://franklinchen.com/ Franklin Chen

    Fineview’s unique geography is great. Have you walked around the South Side Slopes steps too? I’ve done that several times (both as part of the Step Trek and informally with family and friends). Oh, and I’ve run the Fineview Stepathon twice also (sadly had to miss it this year).

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