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Etsy is a website for artists and designers to sell their very own vintage, handmade, and unique designs and products. You can find one of a kind jewelry, clothing, accessories, paper products, and more on the site and it is a fantastic way for new and local designers to sell their goods online.

Here’s a list of 10 Etsy sellers who not only sell beautiful stuff on the site, but maintain a great blog as well.

Blueyeduck Studios – Great Lakes Region, Ohio

via Blueyeduck Etsy

Katey Duck is an artist who makes a variety of different pieces from paintings, to wooden sculptures, to artist trading cards. Her colorful art stands out and can’t help but brighten your day.

Blueyeduck Studios Etsy Shop

Pulp Sushi — Hudson Valley, NY

via Pulp Sushi Etsy

Marilyn of Pulp Sushi makes one of a kind jewelry pieces with a vintage and romantic feel. Her Etsy shop is full of little treasures you can’t find anywhere else, and if you spend $40 you get a free gift!

Pulp Sushi Etsy Shop

One Sheepish Girl — Dallas, TX

via SheepishKnitCrochet Etsy

A college student who does all of her own knitting and crocheting, Meredith Crawford runs the SheepishKnitCrochet Etsy store and the One Sheepish Girl blog. At her online store you can buy cozy chunky knit scarves and headbands, crocheted brooches, or get in touch with Meredith and make a custom order.

SheepishKnitCrochet Etsy Shop

Paper Sparrow — Florida

via Paper Sparrow Etsy

Andrea is a lover of arts and crafts, painting, cats, and the cello. Her etsy store sells animal-themed prints and pendants, all fabulously illustrated by Andrea herself. In addition to her etsy store, Andrea runs the Paper Sparrow blog that updates readers on her latest illustration, DIY projects, and what she’s wearing this week.

Paper Sparrow Etsy Shop

Elizabeth Williams — St, Louis MO

via Elizabeth Williams Etsy

Elizabeth Williams is an elementary school art teacher with a passion for designing and making her own jewelry. Her blog keeps readers in the know about where her jewelry is sold locally and what’s new in her shop.

Elizabeth Williams Etsy Shop

Blue Corduroy – Los Osos, CA

via Blue Corduroy Etsy

Emily Waechtler is a mom and wife living on the Central Coast of California who makes and designs children’s clothing. Waechtler has a degree in costume design from USC and on her etsy shop you can find adorable crocheted hats with bows and one of a kind recycled vintage dresses.

Blue Corduroy Etsy Shop

Yellow Bird Yellow Beard – Los Angeles, CA

via Yellow Bird Yellow Beard Etsy

Janee runs the etsy shop and blog “Yellow Bird Yellow Beard” where she sells a variety of different crafty things from hair clips, to garlands, to kids toys, and stationary.

Yellow Bird Yellow Beard Etsy Shop

Beautifully Elegant – Dallas, TX

via Beautifully Elegant Etsy

Nataly is a jewelry maker from Dallas who designs and creates beautiful jewelry you surely can’t find in any Macy’s across the country. Her blog keeps fans updated on what she’s making and what’s on the site. Check out Nataly’s etsy if you’re into romantic and chic tribal pieces.

Beautifully Elegant Etsy Shop

Kitten Bear — Australia

via Kitten Bear Etsy

Dani is from Austrailia and she sells handmade, delicate jewelry on estsy. Her blog, Kitten Bear blog features mouth-watering recipes, spotlights other great etsy shops, and even shows you how to take outfits from day to night.

Kitten Bear Etsy Shop

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