Humor Blogs to Get You Through Your Friday

It’s Friday which most likely means you’re sitting in your cubicle, drinking another cup of coffee, and counting down the minutes until the clock hits 5. So if your day is dragging and you need a little boost, take a few minutes when you have a chance to take a look at the following funny blogs. They’ll help you get through the rest of the day.


Regretsy is a blog that parodies real stuff sold on the online handmade marketplace, Etsy. From bizarre clothing items, to ridiculous artwork and jewelry, it’s hard to believe some of this stuff is even made, let anyone sold on the Internet. Regretsy refers to itself as “the fail blog of hand crafts” and has no affiliation whatsoever with Etsy.

The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project

Lawrence Dai is a college student who’s vowed to watch the movie “Julie & Julia” everyday for a year and blog about it. In “Julie & Julia,” Julie Powell cooked and blogged her way through Julia Child’s cookbook and they made a movie about it starring Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. Dai’s Blog is full of hysterical commentary about the movie, notes on the cast and sets, and stories all about “Julie & Julia.”


Great witty writing and truly bad fashion disasters make up the fabulously funny blog, WTFOREVER21. All the ladies out there will understand where this blog is coming from, we’ve all been in the poorly-lit mess of a store and stopped and thought “WTF” when a leopard jumpsuit was for sale.

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