How Tumblr Can Boost Your Existing Blog

Tumblr is a micro-blogging site that allows users to easily reblog and site other peoples content, promote your own, and link to information, resources, and media that your audience will be interested in. Reblog simply means to post something on your own blog that was previously posted on another blog.

Your question might be: What’s the purpose of having a Tumblr if I already have my own blog that’s hosted elsewhere?

The answer is Tumblr can only help you. It can drive more traffic to your blog, spark your creative juices when you’re looking for inspiration, and introduce you to a plethora of new bloggers that are putting out quality content.

The simplicity in design and use is very attractive to new bloggers who are just starting out and looking for a user-friendly site that will ease them into blogging. The interface is simple to figure out, with image buttons that let you choose which kind of post you want, i.e image, text, link, etc.

It is also attractive to seasoned bloggers as a supplement to your current blog, as a place where you can save inspiration pictures, articles, or media. An online scrapbook of sorts. If you’re a fashion blogger, you could save pictures of outfits and products that you love from other Tumblrs by simply reblogging them to your own Tumblr blog.

You can also have a Tumblr button on your page, just like a Facebook or Twitter one, that will help increase your online presence. The more ways people can find and connect to your blog, the better. Plus, if you add a photo, or blog post, or link from your blog that people like and reblog—every time that particular post is reblogged again, it is another link back to your site. For example, if you’re a food blogger and you post a particularly great picture of your spinach dip that also includes a link to the original blog post, every time that gets a reblog, another link to your site will be out there.


Here are some other articles that explain why Tumblr is an asset to have along with your established blog and how you should use it and get started on the platform.

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