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I just saw on Twitter and then in a few blog posts that the hyperlocal website EveryBlock has closed its doors.  After reading through many of the comments on the post on the EveryBlock blog about the shut down, I wanted to reach out to those of you are looking for a place to find local information and connect to your communities.

I first started blogging about Pittsburgh in 2005 (you can read my first post here) I started the blog IheartPGH.com as a joke – but in just a few months – IheartPGH became its own little online community.

Over the next few years – I met and connected with other local bloggers – I was not the only person who was obsessed with collecting and sharing stories about my community.

But unless you know someone, who knows someone,  who knows a great local blogger it is really hard to find the bloggers who know the most about their local communities.

So that is why I created BlogLocal – I simply wanted to organize the local bloggers on a map.  Bloggers who write about all sorts of all topics – crafters, moms, sports bloggers, political bloggers – and who are also blogging about their communities.

BlogLocal exists to connect those looking for local information to the best sources for local information.

Here is part of the comment that West Seattle Blog left on ReadWriteWeb’s post about EveryBlock that sums up why we think local bloggers are the best sources for local information:

The only real scale in “hyperlocal” – aka neighborhood – is one off. Serve the neighborhood, from the neighborhood

To those of you who are missing EveryBlock and would like to start a blog for your community – let me know how we can help.  There are lots of great platforms for blogging and sharing content/info/photos/breaking news about your community – Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and more.

If you already have a local blog – please add your blog to the BlogLocal map and tell us more about your blog here in the comments.watch full Taming the Horse 2017 film

BlogLocal is still very much in development.  We are working hard to improve the user interface and we are trying to find the best format to help readers find the best blogs.  I welcome any feedback on how we can make BlogLocal more useful to local bloggers and local readers.

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  • http://www.superblogga.com Missy Diaz

    I see quite a lot of peeps really upset over the abrupt closing and rightly so. Why on Earth would they just shut down without a warning or notice to anyone? Seems fishy to me.

    My city blog is open and welcoming of all (Hyde Park Chicago) community residents.