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Writing a local blog isn’t just about being part of a local online community, blogging can be a  a great way to connect to people offline as well.  I started writing about Pittsburgh at in 2005.  IheartPGH quickly became a place where people celebrated the steel city.  But as a result of blogging I have met so many great people in person.  Some people have been helpful business contacts other people have become great friends.

Last year I learned about the website GrubWithUs; which offers an easy, not akward, way to meet other like-minded folks in person..  GrubWithUs is a website where you can sign up to attend a family style meal with other people.  GrubWithUs handles the payments and makes all the arrangements – you just show up for the meal.

From the GrubWithUs website FAQ:

Sign up for free, then look through all of our meals and people to find something or some people you’d like to meet. Once you find a meal that whets your appetite, grab a seat and pay an all-inclusive price (including food, tax, and gratuity). Then, just show up and mingle!

After launching in a few cities, GrubWithUs expanded their platform so that anyone can organize a meal in any city.  I organized the first GrubWithUs meal in Pittsburgh back in January and it was a huge success. Setting up the meal was easy and we had a great group of people show up for the first dinner.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Thanks to GrubWithUs I met Debbie Hardin of Hardin Acupuncture.  Debbie had just moved to the Pittsburgh area and was looking to meet some new folks.  Even if you are not in the Pittsburgh area – you should check out her blog which offers lots of great info on health and wellness.  I ran into Debbie last week at a women in business event in Pittsburgh – we are eager to set up some more Pittsburgh GrubWithUs events.

Last week GrubWithUs organized Veggie Week and planned a number of GrubWithUs meals hosted by veggie loving bloggers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Chicago.   Thanks for GrubWithUs for introducing us to these food bloggers:


Want to meet up with some veggie loves in your area? Check out this list of Veggie Gruber groups on GrubWithUs.

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