Fun Can Be Free – Check out these blogs for finding free things to do

I spent last week in Anaheim, CA which is probably best know for being the home of Disneyland.  A visit to Disneyland can be a very expensive day of fun.  It took some searching but I found some more affordable southern California activities.  I hope that someone will create a blog about the more affordable activities in Anaheim.

Here are four blogs in Atlanta, Austin, Pittsburgh and San Francisco that are all about free (and affordable) activities in each city. These local blogs are all about free and cheap activities in their hometown.  I have gotten to know the lovely ladies behind Living Pittsburgh, I know that they search high and low to bring you the best affordable events and activities around town.

Atlanta, GA – Atlanta on the Cheap

Austin, TX – Free Fun in Austin

Pittsburgh, PA – Living Pittsburgh

San Francisco, CA – Fun Cheap SF

Know of other free events blogs?  Please let us know in the comments below.

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