For the Map Lovers…

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Map of Treasure Island, from Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island. via The New Yorker

If you’ve browsed this blog or follow BlogLocal on Tumblr and Pinterest – you will know we have a thing for maps.  BlogLocal is a website about blogs about local places and maps are often used to find local places.

celine bags out site If you like maps, then be sure to check out this post on the New Yorker by Casey N Cep –  The Allure of the Map.

canada goose The entire article is worth a read especially if you are interested in literature and maps.  But this paragraph is what struck me as most appropriate for local bloggers:

Writers love maps: collecting them goose canada, creating them, and describing them. Literary cartography includes not only the literal maps that authors commission or make themselves but also the geographies they describe. The visual display of quantitative information in the digital age has made charts and maps more popular than ever, though every graphic, like every story canada goose, has a point of view.

When I first started writing about Pittsburgh over on IheartPGH – I had started adding categories for every neighborhood.  There are 90 neighborhoods in town and I’d like to get to the point where there is at least one post for every neighborhood.  I’ve tried out some mapping plugins and I often use GeoMashup to insert a map into the post.

Image by None via CrunchBase

click here I’ve just learned about the website and app TripLine that lets you create a step-by-step map of any trip.  I have only started building a map of my cross country train trip last summer, but so far TripLine has been a great tool to try.

Do you use maps on your local blog?  Are there any mapping tools or plugins that you recommend?

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