Food Bloggers Unite Over Peanut Butter Pie

via Not Without Salt

The sad reality of living every day like it’s your last and cherishing every moment you have became a sad reality for food blogger, Jennie Perillo. Her husband, Mikey, unexpectedly died of a heart attack one afternoon, leaving her life and her daughter’s lives much too early.

As a tribute to Mikey, Jennie asked followers of her food blog, In Jennie’s Kitchen, to make a creamy peanut butter pie in his honor. And not just a few of Jennie’s closest readers and fans made the pie, thousands of bloggers contributed and made the pie in Mikey’s honor. Take a look at these blogs and their own take on peanut butter pie:

Food for My Family

Not Without Salt

Eating Clean Recipes

Parsley, Sage, Desserts, and Line Drives

Chew on This

Passion for Life

The Jolly Tomato

If this story about bloggers uniting together to help someone in their community moved you, then take a chance to check out Bloggers Without Borders. Bloggers Without Borders was put together recently by two online friends turned real-life best friends, Maggy Keet and Erika Pineda-Ghanny, who noticed the strength and support of the blogging community. When Erika’s house burnt down unexpectedly last year, she started an online fund-raising campaign through her blog and ended up raising over $11,000.

After witnessing first hand the power of the online community, they thought to make a platform for bloggers in need, creating an online blogger-based charity. One of their first projects is to help Jennie Perillo with a fund for her and her two young daughters, aged 3 and 8. The fund can help give them financial stability in a time of immense sadness and will help their struggles seem a little less tough.

If you’d like to help Jennie Perillo and her daughters, check out Bloggers Without Borders or contact Shauna at

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