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Des Moines, Iowa

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Slaking Fool – Food, Restaurant Reviews           

Slaking Fool is Urbanspoon’s #1 ranked Des Moines food blog and written by a guy who has worked in downtown Des Moines for the last 25 years. In addition to food reviews, you’ll find recipes, food photos, and personal anecdotes from the Slaking Fool.

Des Moines is Not Boring – Community

Des Moines is Not Boring is a blog set out to prove that there is great stuff happening in Des Moines and that the city is the farthest thing from boring. Find out about the best places to eat, where to go for a night out, and local happenings in Des Moines.

Drive Time Des Moines – Green, Transportation

Drive Time Des Moines is a program affiliated with the Downtown Community Alliance that promotes greener transport, carpooling, and sustainable commuting options. Their blog has the latest news and updates on traffic and construction, parking, and alternate transportation.

Des Moines Sports Freaks – Sports

Blake DeRouchey, a veteran who decided to start blogging about his love of sports after returning from Iraq, started Des Moines Sports Freak. The site now has a daily writer, and six contributors who all share their love for Iowa sports on Des Moines Sports Freaks.

Dose of DMU – Health, Education

Dose of DMU is Des Moines University’s graduate school blog that features different health-related news and information, updates on students and classes, and DMU events.

The Bus Blog – Transportation

Run by Gunnar Olson, Des Moines Area Regional Transit (DART) Public Information Officer, The Bus Blog fills readers and public transport users in on the latest news, transport stories, and changes.

Lacy J. Brunette: Des Moines Fashion Blogger – Fashion

Lacy Brunette has been a lover of fashion since she can remember and started her blog as a way to connect young people in her city to the creative culture, fashion scene, and events in Des Moines.

Des Loines — Food

Des Loines is a food blog in search of the best-breaded pork tenderloin sandwich in Des Moines and the surrounding areas. Each post features a different pork tenderloin sandwich, where it was bought, the location, and the price.

Aly Carroll Blog – Photography, Wedding

Aly Carroll is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Des Moines. On her blog, you’ll find the latest pictures from her shoots, a peek into Aly’s personal life, and great photography that will have you dialing her up for your next big occasion.

DSM Vibe – Music

DSM Vibe is a music blog that features information on the local Des Moines music scene, the latest shows and concerts, and music events happening in the city.

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