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make Cincinnati weird — Community

The blog’s title says it all, make cincinnati weird is all about the diversity and weirdness of the people and places in Cincinnati. Contributors have come together on the blog to embrace the strange and support the road less traveled in their city.

Cincinnati Nomerati — Food & Dining

David and Laura are the nomerati, a husband and wife team dedicated to finding the best eats and “noms” in Cincinnati. On their blog, you’ll find what they’re eating at home, at restaurants in Cincinnati, and what they have to say about it.

Cincy Voices Local Voices and Opinions

A blog about people coming together and giving their honest opinions and viewpoints on local Cincinnati issues. A group of contributors write for the site, all having select views on certain topics close to them, and aren’t afraid to let readers know how they really feel.

CityKin — Families & Urbanism

CityKin is about the writers family life in Cincinnati, how things have changed and progressed since his childhood, and the local happenings going on in the city. An inside look and a personal view on Cincinnati.

Over-the-Rhine Blog — Places, Community

Over-the-Rhine is one of the most historic places in the United States with architecture and housing dating back hundreds of years and breweries still original to their pre-prohibition era exterior. The blog shares with readers why this region is so great, highlighting events, available properties, and being your tour guide for the OTR.

Family Friendly Cincinnati — Children & Family

A blog written by parents about where to take your kids in the area. FFC profiles family-friendly activities that will be memorable for both parents and kids, all while being fun and affordable.

What I Wore 2Day — Fashion

Kasmara Kit chronicles what she wears to work everyday at a business casual office on her blog, What I Wore 2Day. Her ability to mix and match colors and patterns and have a truly rockin’ stack on her wrist everyday is reason enough to visit!

Urban Cincy — News

Not just a source of what’s going on in the city, Urban Cincy offers up news and a community for locals to come together and discuss their thoughts on changes, openings, and decisions happening in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Sports Photography by Vincent Rush — Sports Photography

Vincent Rush is an award-winning sports photographer who has done work for professional teams like the Cincinnati Reds as well as local youth sports teams. His blog gives readers tips on how to take certain shots, certain techniques you can use, and how to be a better overall sports photographer.

Grumbles and Grunts — Parenting

Grumbles and Grunts is a parenting blog written by Jamie, a first time mother with a full-time job, a husband, and two really cute dogs. On her blog, she shares her daily life with now toddler, Jude, and her experiences, trials, errors, and observations in the unknown frontier of parenthood.


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