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Trying to save money but don’t know where to begin? Need some tips on how to save and not splurge at the grocery store? Want to dress like your favorite celebrity but not break the bank? Check out these great budget friendly blogs that offer tips on how to save money and eliminate the burden of financial stress in your life.

Budget Bytes

To all you foodies on a budget, Budget Bytes will be your new favorite blog. Beth M. breaks down her recipes by cost, prep time, preparations, and serving size, letting readers know just how much it will cost them to whip up stuffed shells or enchiladas. She also lends tips to readers on how to stock your kitchen, portion control, and grocery shopping.

The Budget Babe

The Budget Babe features tips on stretching your wardrobe, current deals and sales, designer looks for less, and how to dress like your favorite stars but on a bank account friendly budget. If you want to still look fabulous but don’t have the money to shop at Saks and Bloomingdale’s, check out The Budget Babe for deals, tips, and fashion advice.

Frugal Dad

Frugal Dad is a blog committed to helping readers start living a debt-free life and learn to live within their means. On Frugal Dad, you’ll find coupons and deals from top-retailers, advice on how to responsibly handle your finances, and tips on how to keep your bank balance in check.

Deal Seeking Mom

Tara Kuczykowski is a stay-at-home mom to five kids who has learned to live on a budget while still enjoying the finer things in life. Her blog, Deal Seeking Mom, teaches readers how to live on less and save money through coupons, daily deals, and special sales and discounts.

Remodeling This Life

Emily is a mother and wife who pulled herself out of credit card debt by living within her means and finding the beauty in simplicity. Through downsizing and realizing that more things doesn’t necessarily mean a more fulfilling life, Emily and her family have learned to live within their budget through their home remodel and in their daily life.

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