BlogLocal’s SXSW Panel Proposal

South by Southwest is a music festival in Austin, Texas that has been attracting bands, singers, and fans alike to the area since 1987. SXSW started out as a way for Austin to showcase their music scene and bring in business, but since it has turned into much more. The music festival grew into something larger than before as international and national attention on SXSW grew, more people wanted to experience the festival, be involved, and network with the creative minds, musicians, and businesses flocking to Austin each year. In 1994, SXSW introduced a film and interactive component to the festival, making SXSW not just for musicians. SXSW has since turned into a festival for all types of  creative people to get together, meet, swap stories and ideas, listen to music, learn something, or just hang out.

Each year during SXSW, there are panel presentations done by people who have been selected to speak during the festival. These panels can really be about anything interactive, online, or interesting–this year’s panel proposals include things like: “Juice Without Wires: The Future of Wireless Power,” “The Power of Visual Storytelling,” to BlogLocal’s very own proposal “Local Legit: Who Blogs Local Best?“.

Our panel proposal for SXSW is all about local blogging, how local blogs differ from local news sources, to what local blogging will look like in the future.

1. Go to

2. Sign up for an account.

3. Go to  your email, confirm your account registration.

4. On the main page under the Feedback headline, click the “Explore the Proposals for SXSW Interactive”

5. In the Company search box on the page, type in BlogLocal and click search proposals. Or click the direct link here.

6. BlogLocal’s panel proposal will be the only search result. Click the link.

7. Hit the thumbs up button on the top of the page to Vote for BlogLocal for SXSW!

Thanks and don’t forget to vote by this Friday, September 2!

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