Blogging Peer Pressure & NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo_November_blogroll_largeHere in Pittsburgh there is an active Facebook group of Pittsburgh bloggers.  This Facebook group is a great place to share posts and ask blogging questions.  We have over 200 bloggers as group members with a variety of writing backgrounds.

Earlier this week, Heather Hobson who writes the blog Diary of a First Time Mom, posted a link to the November NaBloPoMo on the Pittsburgh Bloggers Facebook group asking if other Pittsburgh bloggers were going to participate.  

Heather’s post has generated alot of buzz around the Pittsburgh bloggers and several of my fellow Pittsburgh bloggers have already signed up to participate.

What is NaBloPoMo?  NaBloPoMo is short for National Blog Posting Month which is a month where writers to agree writing everyday.  Here is some more background information from The Daily Post:

November is a big month for writers — you’ve probably read about NaNoWriMo, which kicks off today.

Not interested in writing a length book, but looking for a challenge that’ll push you as a blogger? TryNaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, which also starts now: one post a day, however short or long, every day in November. The topic is up to you, as is the format — longform, photo essay, haiku, webcomic, or quick musings; they’re all fair game.

If you are participating in the NaBloMoPo challenge be sure to add your blog to the NaBloPoMo list here by November 5 to be eligible to win prizes.  A list of all of the registered NaBloPoMo Bloggers is available here.

If you are a Pittsburgh blogger who is participating – you can share your posts on

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