Blog of the Day: Local Kitchen

via Local Kitchen

Local Kitchen is a blog that’s all about local eating, local recipes, and supporting the local community through food. Kaela lives in New York’s Hudson Valley and eats locally, sustainably, ethically, and seasonally and writes all about it on her blog. Kaela is dedicated to eating local food because of the benefits it not only give her local economy and body, but because local food tastes better.

Local Kitchen’s recipes always use in-season ingredients, that are sustainable or from an organic, local farm, so you will be able to pick up the supplies you need at the farm down the road, or at the supermarket.

Kaela explains to readers what exactly her local is, complete with a map depicting exactly where she buys her meats, veggies, cheese, etc. If you’re in the Hudson Valley and are making a conscious decision to eat local, Kaela’s blog features an entire page dedicated to the places she buys from and shops at.

To read all about why Kaela eats local, check out her “why local?” page here. And to find out more about supporting local food in your area, click here for Local Kitchen’s “shop local” page.

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