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Happy Banned Books Week, bloggers and local lovers!

Since 1982 during the last week of September, bookstores and libraries draw attention to the problem of censorship in our country by creating displays full of controversial and banned books. More than 11,000 books have been questioned and deemed unsuitable since 1982 alone for reasons ranging from occult themes, violent content and sexually explicit themes, to being inappropriate for a certain age group.

But in the day and age of watching too much TV and putting on a DVD instead of grabbing a book, is it really neccessary to put restrictions on what people should and shouldn’t read? If you’re opposed to the book, wouldn’t it be best handled if you in turn did not read said book instead of shaming it for others?

So in honor of Banned Books week—take the time to re-visit your favorite banned book or check out these blogs all about them. To read a list of the top 10 most challenged titles of 2010 click here.


Pelham Library Blog

A discussion blog from the Pelham Public Library in Ontario that talks about banned books, censorship, and resources where you can find these controversial books.

Banned Books Challenge

This blog is all about reading and reviewing banned books, and giving them the attention they deserve without the negative spin on how it should be censored and left alone.

Office for Intellectual Freedom Blog

The Office for Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association runs a blog all about how everyone should have the freedom to read whatever they want, when they want.

The ā€œCā€ Word

Written by Ben, a student and believer of intellectual freedom, The ā€œCā€ Word highlights news stories and issues revolving around censorship and banned books.

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