Baltimore in 10 Local Blogs

– Food, Restaurant Reviews

The Baltimore Snacker is a food blog that features recipes and restaurant reviews from around the Baltimore area. John selects recipes from local areas across the United States and tries making them in his own kitchen, he calls it “snacking state by state”.

– Cycling, Transportation

Baltimore Velo is a blog written by three Baltimore cyclists who update readers on cycling news, events, photos around the city, and safety.

– Local News

Inside Charm City is the blog all about Baltimore, Maryland. Inside Charm City has updates on local politics, crime, sports, and breaking news in the city.

– Parenting, Budget

Economoms Baltimore is your resource for daily deals and savings in Baltimore. If you’re a parent on a budget who loves being active, visit Economoms for tips on how to play local and live frugal with your kids.

– Food

Rachel is a life-long Baltimore resident, food writer, recipe developer, and cookbook author. Her blog, Coconut & Lime, features great food photography and original recipes, so it’s the perfect site to visit if you’re looking for a recipe tonight.

– Community

Welcome to Baltimore, Hon! is a place for locals and visitors to find out what’s going on in the Charm City and see an inside look at what it’s like to live, work, and play here.

– Community, Urban

Baltimore InnerSpace is seeking to reinvent familiar places with a new perspective, improving the city of Baltimore and making a 19th century city functional in the 21st. With real and functional blueprints, ideas, and models, Baltimore InnerSpace strives to make ideas manageable and practical for readers and city planners.

– Humor

The City That Breeds is a humor blog that has been giving readers funny and sarcastic commentary on news and life in Baltimore since 2008. The blog also has a page that features maps on things like where to get the coldest beer in Baltimore and city council districts.

– Sports

The Oriole Post is a Baltimore Orioles blog that features in-depth analysis of the current and upcoming season, commentary on Major League Baseball, and team news.

– Family, Parenting, Community

The Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance is a non-profit that strives to improve the lives of children and families in Baltimore by enhancing schools, creating family programs, and connecting buy phentermine families to communities by increasing cultural opportunities. Their blog has updates on current projects and volunteer opportunities, family-friendly things to do around Baltimore, and interviews.

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