Albuquerque in 10 Local Blogs

Gil’s Thrilling (And Filling) Blog – Food, Restaurant Review

Gil Garduño started his blog after realizing he had visited more than 75 restaurants in one year, which he kept track of on an Excel spreadsheet. Since then, he has written numerous reviews on New Mexico’s dining scene, service, and food.

Eye on Albuquerque  — Local News, Community

Eye on Albuquerque is a public opinion blog that writes about local news and happenings in Albuquerque, it’s written by locals for locals.

ABQ Journal Watch – Local News, Journalism

The ABQ Journal Watch is written by two journalists who’s goal is to critically examine New Mexico’s biggest daily newspaper by reporting frank and honest criticism and feedback.

Duke City Fix – Community

Duke City Fix is an unedited website about exploring your city written by Albuquerque residents. There’s a community forum, discussion groups, and posts on what’s going on downtown and what’s coming to town.

Duke City Vegan – Food

Duke City Vegan is a food and restaurant review blog that features vegan restaurants, bars, and food. Dining in Albuquerque with a vegan can be tough, but luckily there are restaurants in the city that cater to vegans and Kalisha is on the hunt to find them.

AlbuquerCrackUp – Humor, Entertainment

AlbuquerCrackUp is a blog that lets people know what’s going on in the stand-up comedy scene in Albuquerque. There’s information on open mic nights and upcoming shows, news from your favorite local comedians, and pictures that give you a behind-the-scenes look at Albuquerque comedy.

The Albuquerque Real Estate Group Blog – Real Estate

The Albuquerque Real Estate Group Blog gives readers and locals information about the current real estate market in Albuquerque. From tips on negotiating home prices, to commentary on whether or not you should buy a short sale home, if you’re in the market for a new place in Albuquerque, bookmark this blog.

Barefoot in the Desert – Food, Health

Kelly Siebe is a doula, holistic health counselor, blogger, urban farmer, and photographer who blogs about healthy recipes, life in ABQ, and photos from her daily life.

Alibi – Community, Local News

Alibi is Albuquerque’s alternative news source offering updates and opinions on ABQ issues, personal stories, and information that locals should know.

jfleck at inkstain – Personal, Journalism

John Fleck is a journalist for the Albuquerque Journal and an author who is currently writing a book about the water in West. His blog features posts on his latest projects, interests, and environmental issues.

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  • Martiel Beatty

    As a westerner myself, this post is near and dear to my heart which is why I stopped to read it in the first place. However, I love how you have spotlighted 10 blogs I’ve never heard of. Thanks for sharing these, I plan on checking them out further. As I’m married to a person from NM, and I graduated from school there, the issues are important. I’m thrilled you posted this. Thanks again!

  • Andrea Lin

    I hope Gil will allow the entry of my foodish blog into the list:

    Cheers! 🙂

  • Gary Deshotel

    does anyone living in the city of Albuquerque are the surrounding areas know where the filming locations for the movie called We´re the Miller starring Jennifer Aniston? Im looking for the scene where the R.V. was parked at a building called Garyś Auto Repair and the hospital and the carnival and the border crossing location.Im looking for where they filmed the locations.Can anyone help please??????????