5 Twitter Accounts Local Bloggers Should Be Following

Be sure to follow these five twitter accounts that highlight information and sources for local bloggers and local news.

1. @mybxb

Block by Block is a independent hyperlocal news publishers network. They are working to help share information about what works and what doesn’t for local editors, start-ups, and publishers and providing resources for them.

2. @niemanlab

The official twitter for the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University strives to figure out what’s next for journalism and it’s future in the digital age.

3. @engagingcities

Engaging Cities is an online magazine that shares creative strategies and new technologies to foster public engagement for livable cities.

4. @streetfightmag

Street Fight examines and writes about local and hyperlocal news, start-ups, and businesses.

5. @placeblogger

Placeblogger is a searchable index of local news, information, and community happenings near where you live.

And don’t forget to follow BlogLocal on twitter @bloglocally.

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