5 Indie Bookshops That Have Blogs

I wanted to write today’s post about local shopping blogs.  Tomorrow I am going to meet with the team at WebKite – which is a startup company in Pittsburgh that helps people make directories of all sorts of things.  Over the holidays I had many a conversation with some friends about shopping local.  And we started talking about building a directory of local businesses for Pittsburgh.

So I started researching websites about shopping local – I have found a few websites about shopping local – and if you have other suggestions for great local shopping sites – please share them here.  In my research I came across this awesome blog – Shop Small –  about one woman’s quest to shop small for an entire year in Alabama.   I was clicking around Shop Small and discovered that the author, Carrie Rollwagen, is now writing a blog for a bookshop/coffeeshop in Alabama.  The shop is called Church Street and is located in what used to be a Starbucks in Mountain Brook, Alabama.  The Church Street blog is called Postscript Blog.perbandingan smartphone

Third Place Books - Books Mike Likes, April, 2011

Third Place Books – Books Mike Likes, April, 2011 (Photo credit: brewbooks)

Inspired by Carrie and the Postscript blog here are some other local bookshops and their blogs.

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