3 Reasons Why Local Nonprofits Should Have a Blog

How Nonprofits Rank Communications Tools for 2011

How Nonprofits Rank Communications Tools for 2011 (Photo credit: kivilm)

Over the past few years many different Pittsburgh nonprofit organizations have submitted events and fundraisers to the blog and asked for our help in getting the word out about their events.  When I post about any sort of benefit or fundraiser I like to also post about the organization that is behind the event.

There are a lot of nonprofit organizations that are doing really great work – great programs, projects and important services – but these nonprofits are not so good at sharing their story with others.

I think that most nonprofits could benefit by setting up a blog to share their story.  When I have talked with business owners and other nonprofits about setting up a blog – one of the most frequent responses is – “we have nothing to blog about.” So I wanted to start by offering some suggestions of the types of information that nonprofits can share on their blog.  Having a blog doesn’t mean you need to write an essay to share everyday.  Setting up a blog for a nonprofit is just one way to create a central place for information that is probably already being shared in other places around the web, in emails or printed newsletters.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Some suggestions for content for the blog of a local nonprofit:

  • Upcoming events – who, what, where, why and a link to the event page on Facebook
  • Relevant news articles – For example, during this particular cold spell – a homeless shelter can post a link to some of the articles about the extreme cold and the need for shelters.
  • Photos of volunteers – This is a great way to thank your current volunteers and to give a picture of what volunteering with the organization means for others who are thinking about signing up to volunteer

Three Reasons Why Every Nonprofit Organization should have a blog:

  • Share Information: A blog is an easy way to share lots of information – if a blog post is created each time there is a new event or press release – then there is a clear place to go to get the newest information for your organization.  Make it very easy for people to grab the information and share it with others.
  • Create an Archive: If someone wants to see what your organization works on each year – they can review the archive for your blog.  If your nonprofit needs to compile an annual report – most of the highlights for the past year will already be right on your blog.
  • Become an Expert: By sharing relevant articles from newspapers and other media about your industry – you can establish your nonprofit’s blog as THE place to learn more about your particular cause.  
Do you work for a nonprofit organization?  Does your organization have a blog?  Please share your blogging experiences in the comments. 
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