1 More Day to Pick Up CityFabric Map Prints on Fab.com

One of my favorite Kickstarter projects from the past year was Wear You Live.  (I like the project so much – I lobbied to have Pittsburgh added to the list of cities). CityFabric is based Raleigh, NC and they used Kickstarter to kick of their line of t-shirts, totes and prints of figureground maps.

The Maps

The maps that we use are called figuregrounds.  This type of map is commonly used in the fields of city planning, design and architecture to study density and development patterns by depicting all of the buildings in a city as opposed to the streets, parcels or transit lines.  Figureground mapping is almost 250 years old and was the first time a city was technically surveyed and portrayed in the 2D, google map view that we commonly use today.

You can check out the video for their Kickstarter project below.

The CityFabric map prints are on sale on Fab.com until September 9, 2012.A Dog’s Purpose 2017 movie

We’re fans of the Pittsburgh map – but prints are also available for San Francisco, Portland, Barcelona, Austin, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Paris and Philadelphia.

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